Smartness of Cities: Digital (and/versus) Civic Intelligence?


What is a smart city? What is smart for a city? What cities are smart? Questions are abundant; examples are diverse; opinions are controversial – a lot to learn and to discuss. The seminar combines conceptual aspects of urban “smartness”, various case studies and debates on related political and ethical issues. The technological smartization of cities will be elaborated with regards to challenges of urban strategic planning, sustainable development, responsive governance, civic participation, local and global politics, and ecological concerns.  We will analyze multiple cases of smart innovations in both existing and newly emerging cities and neighbourhoods as well as expectations and actual policies of cities and companies that put smartness on their strategic agenda. Anticipated benefits and potential drawbacks and threats of urban high-tech smartization will be debated in relation to such issues as security, control, inclusion/exclusion, empowerment, green practices, resilience, etc. We will also talk about smart low-tech solutions (still valid and valuable), lifehacks as well as smart politics and policies enabling transformative changes in urban functioning and urban ecologies.

2-6 ECTS



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