Innovation with Purpose - Design thinking, Sustainability and Science Fiction


In this course, the students are introduced to the fundamentals

of the Design Thinking (DT) framework and experience the

user-centric approach at first hand. Following the DT

procedure, the practice-oriented seminar covers the following


Introduction and main overview:

  • Examples of DT Projects in established companies
  • Application of DT for sustainability and innovation projects
  • Take a journey to space for moonshot innovation

Methodology and main content (application):

  • Understand/Observe: The role of empathy and customer insights
  • Define the Problem: Strategies to deal with unstructured information
  • Ideate: Idea generation and creativity methods
  • Prototype: Development of prototypes
  • Test/Validate: Validation and refinement of prototypes

Preparation for project delivery:

Pitching: Techniques for successful presentations ideally to real challenges

Inform yourself about as all prototypes will be based on sustainability.

3 LP


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