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How to sign up for ZAK courses

Please choose the course(s) you want to register for from the list “ZAK-Lehrangebote”: ZAK course registration. You can use the search function to search for names of lecturers or course titles.

At the end of each course description you will find a link that leads you to the registration form.

The registration period for the upcoming winter term 2017/18 starts on Thursday, October 5th, 2017.


If you need help filling in the form please contact Christine Karl: christine.karl∂kit.edu

Courses taught in English (for all Courses (in German and English) please see Website: ZAK-Anmeldekalender)

ZAK Courses taught in English

Concepts of Nature From Antiquity to the Present
Nov. 17, 2017, 14:00 until 19:30
Geb. 20.30, SR 0.019
Geb. 30.96, R 006
Geb. 50.41, R -133

Since Heraclitus' famous aphorism “Nature likes to veil herself”, the conception of nature has undergone profound changes: from the powerful and dynamic phusis of Greek philosophy to the vulnerable ecosystem, from playful and unpredictable lascivia to a mechanistic view of nature, from the Sublime to something ready to be dominated, from a primordeal force to the “second nature” in contemporary technology. The various conceptions of nature – such as Zeno's “artistic fi re”, “Mother Nature”, nature as living organism, nature as a hieroglyphic – problematize at the same time the porous boundaries between nature and culture, between nature and art, between the non-human and the human, between nature and technology. We will focus on seminal texts from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Renaissance Neo-Platonism, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, 20th century ecology and eco-criticism.

2–6 LP



Fri 17.11.17, 14:00–19:30
Geb. 20.30, SR 0.019


Fri 26.01.18, 09:00–17:00
Geb. 30.96, R 006


Sat 27.01.18, 09:00–17:00
Geb. 50.41, R -133

Dr. Sabine Metzger
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